Sunday, 20 January 2019

Are we bothering you?

Dear Gio,

'...If you ever thought for a moment that I didn't care about you in the wake of our silenced void please know I did, I do and I always will'.

So... we're reaching out just to say hi!

So that you know we have not forgotten about you and wanted to have a catch-up. 

Have your circumstances changed?

We are updating your contact details so can we ask you a big favour?

What's our current status?

What's been happening with you since we last had our exchange?

Do that, and we'll let you know what the Government never told you about immigration status.

And whilst you were away, we've been working hard finding the best ways for you to move forward.

We've changed our service offerings to make sure you get what you want. (Did you know we opened a dedicated employment services team to hunt for work for you? What about the student services team? Did you know that we have obtained British Council accreditation for students to find you a great education institution - within budget?... what about our investors' or entrepreneurs' services teams?...)

So please touch base with us soon.


iam (immigration and migration)

Your iam team

p.s. If we have offended you in any way, we are truly sorry and if you don't want to hear from us, just click delete...

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iam (immigration and migration), 225 Marsh Wall, London, other E14 9FW


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