Friday, 12 August 2011

We are recruiting for new posts

We are now recruiting for three positions within Gio Legal. The work has pilled up and we are looking for freelance, part time, full time, temporary and permanent staff to step up to the challenge of continuing to grow our business serving lawyers and the legal community, companies, and in certain services, individuals.

We are looking for hard working and dedicated, reliable and straight forward people that pay attention to detail as our clients demand of it. If you think you measure up to our clients expectations, you know what to do:

Location of all roles: Main Office: Canary Wharf, London and 12 other satellite offices around london | Address: One Canada Square, 29th floor, London, E14 5DY

Vacancy 1 - Job Title: Business Development Manager (up to 9 positions available)
Hours: up to 40 per week


Calling and communicating with current and potential clients to sell Legal Support services via phone and email.

Also contacting suppliers to register firms to provide further services.

Contact Method: email with cover letter and CV or fill out simple Business Development Manager online application form


Vacancy 2 - Job Title: Client Services Operator (3 positions available)
Hours: 45 per week


Administration and the provision of services to clients.

Communicating with current and potential clients in order to administer work required for Legal Support services.

Ensuring tasks get completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Regular travel around London required.

Contact Method: email with CV and cover letter or online by completing the short Client Services Operator application form

Vacancy 3 - Job Title: Candidate Recruitment Manager
Hours: up to 80 per week


Calling and communicating with current and potential clients to obtain clients and to introduce suitably qualified candidates.

Interviewing and assessing candidates and clients.

Contact Method: email with CV and Cover Letter or online by completing our short and simple Candidate Recruitment Manager Application Form

Alternatively, you can put forward a speculative recruitment application. We look forward to receiving your application.


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