Monday, 15 June 2009

we have just uploaded guidelines for International passport photographs requirements. generally, the photographs must be:

  • Identical where two photographs of the individual are required
  • In colour, not black and white
  • Taken against a light grey or cream background
  • 45 millimetres (mm) high x 35 mm wide
  • Free from shadows
  • Taken with the eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or tinted spectacles, and no hair across the eyes)
  • With the subject facing forward, looking straight at the camera
  • With a neutral expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
  • Of each person on their own (no objects such as dummies or toys, or other people visible)
  • Taken with nothing covering the face
  • In sharp focus and clear
  • With a strong definition between the face and background.
Full details and more information, including children, can be found on our website under photograph guidance. Please visit our site and let us know if there are any other peices of information that you may require by commenting on this post or contact us.


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